Treniere Moser (nee Clement)

Treniere Moser is strong; physically stronger than even her male training partners but even stronger in spirit. It took that kind of unyielding fortitude to carry her through the trying periods and come out, once again, on top of the Nation.

Proving her talent and rigorous work ethic running for Georgetown, Moser accumulated 8 All-American finishes and was the second-place finisher at the 2004 NCAA Track Championships in the 1500m. Going into the 2004 Olympic Trails for the 1500m she poignantly displayed that fighter inside when, after a trip and fall in the semifinals, she still clawed her way across the line. The experience, while a crushing blow, only fueled the fire in her to overcome and she toed the line for the 2005 US Track Championships hungry for redemption. Vindication with that victory, Moser continued her streak as the US Track Championship winner for the 1500m event the following two years (2005-2007).

While still making it to the semifinals of the 2007 World Championships in the 1500m, Moser wasn’t satisfied and, looking back, coins the years that followed her “dry years.” That changed when, still too strong to cede to the rigors that come with the sport, she joined the Salazar-coached Oregon Project.

Her 2013 US Track National Championship win for the 1500m was her fourth, but most definitely her sweetest. The PR certainly adds to that and her 4:02.85 stands just as much as a statement.  On her way to the World Championships Moser is stronger than ever.


800m 1:59.15

1500m 4:02.85

5000m 15:11.00