Mo Farah

The ferocity for which Mo Farah races is often hidden behind a quick smile and all amicable personality. Though, the gun goes off and his steely visage is only removed upon crossing the finish line; victorious, his face transformed into that of exuberance, a degree of shock and surprise mixed in there as well. Outwardly quite deceiving, as it leads one to question that he and Salazar didn’t fully expect and calculate such a result.

Farah’s excitement was palpably splashed across the screen, as the world watched him accomplish the inconceivable: double Olympic Gold in the 5k and 10k events at the 2012 London Games. Britain, for which Farah represents, erupted. But such bedlam would be hardly expected from a skinny, 8-year old youth arriving from Somalia.

Finding his stride thanks to a PE teacher with a keen eye, Farah raced to a European Junior Gold medal in 2001 for the 5,000m event, after taking Gold in the 2011 European Junior Cross Country Championships. By 2006 Farah took second in the European Track and Field Champions across 5,000m and won the European Cross Country Championships; a major catalyst for what was to come. With a 13:09.40 he established himself as Britain’s second-fastest harrier for the 5,000m event. Drawing inspiration from one of Britain’s greatest female distance forces, Paula Radcliffe, the burgeoning male talent recalls, “She said to me, ‘Go out and be brave. Just believe in yourself.” Come 2007 and Farah placed 10th at the IAAF World Cross Country Championship and 6th at the IAAF World Track and Field Championships for the 5,000m (13:47.54).

Farah had a big year in 2009, twice-setting a National 3,000m Indoor Record (7:34.47), claimed a Gold medal across the event at the European Indoor Championships, placed a hot 7th for the 5,ooom at the IAAF World Track and Field Championships, and finished up with a Silver at the European Cross Country Championships.

Having collected two Gold medals (5k/10k) at the 2010 European Track and Field Championships, a pinnacle moment for Farah’s career came with his 12:57.94 5,ooom, becoming Britain’s first man to dip below the elusive 13-minute barrier. Momentum behind Farah continued in 2011, Britain’s star on the track took Silver at the World Track and Field Championships in the 10k and Gold for the 5k. A bit of foreshadowing, indeed. With his time of 26:46.57 he destroyed the European 10k Record and lowered his own 5k Record down to 12:53.11.

One can naturally connect the dots, as it was in early 2011 that Farah moved across the pond, joined the Oregon Project, and resumed training under the masterful eye of Salazar. Going into 2012, now famed for his ‘mobot’ and gregarious demeanor after the line, Farah toed the starting line a destroyer. Masterfully clipping off the laps, twin Gold medals his rite. In 2013, Farah has hit another European Record, this one for the 1500 (3:28.81), an exemplary display of his range.  


2013 saw Farah again winning the 5,000 and 10,000 at the World Championships in Moscow

In 2015 Farah broke the indoor 2 Mile world record at the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix running 8:03.4 to break Kenenisa Bekele's record.  One month later Farah broke the European Half Marathon record in Lisbon running 59:32.2.  Later in 2015 he defended his 5,000 and 10,000 meter titles in Beijing becoming the oldest winner at the event at 32 years old.

In 2016 Farah defended his Olympic Gold in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters becoming only the 2nd man in history to do so over the distances.  Winning his 9th global title makes Mo the most frequent winner of gold in history for long distance events.

















3000m (i)




7:32.62 NR





12.53.16 NR

5000m (i)




13.10.60 NR





26:46.57 NR

5K (road)




13:30 NR

10K (road)




27:44 NR

Half Marathon