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David McHenry PT, DPT, COMPT

David McHenry PT, DPT, COMPT

Physical Therapist

David McHenry

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Sports Certified Specialist

Certified Orthopedic Manual  Therapist


Physical Therapist and Strength Coach

David McHenry has been working as a Physical Therapist for the Oregon Project since 2005, but recently took over a much larger responsibility for the program in 2011 when he became the Lead Physical Therapist and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the team.  His responsibilities for the team span from injury prevention to strength development, helping to keep the athletes healthy during their rigorous training schedules and providing the critical role of developing athleticism, strength, power, plyometric capacity and aiding in maximizing running efficiency and efficacy through strategic biomechanical form optimization.  Having his Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy has provided the critical skills of clinical evaluation and biomechanical analysis that serves as the foundation for the injury prevention, strength program and form optimization responsibilities that he oversees for the Oregon  Project. 

Outside of the Oregon Project David works with other athletes and performance teams as the director of operations for Therapeutic Associates, Portland Athletic Center of Excellence. (link