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Alberto Salazar on Shannon Rowbury Joining the Oregon Project

Posted on October 21 2013

Question: You receive multiple request from Athletes to join the Oregon Project,

why did you choose Shannon?


Shannon is world class athlete that we believe can win a medal in

future global championships.  More importantly, she is a class act and

pleasant person to be around.  Our formula for bringing on new athletes

is quite simple, really.  We look for athletes who are talented, have

potential to medal, and who have kind personalities.


Question: What are your plans with Shannon this year? 


As with any new athlete that we bring into the Nike Oregon Project,

there will be a bit of an adjustment period as they get acquainted with

a new training system.  We'll progress Shannon slowly and look for her

to be running quite well by the time the championship indoor season

rolls around.  Without a major championship this coming summer, we'll

be looking for Shannon to compete for the win in some high quality

races and hopefully knock out a few PBs.  She's run 2:00.47 for 800m,

4:00.33 for 1,500m, and 15:00.51 for 5,000m.  The Oregon Project isn't

necessarily time goal oriented, but these seem like some obvious

barriers that she can break so she can sleep better at night.



Question: Where do you think you can help Shannon improve?


Shannon does many things very well, but if we were looking at areas of

improvement for Shannon, there are a few biomechanical things she can

improve upon and we believe that she has room to grow stronger

aerobically and be a bit speedier than she already is over the last lap.

It's no secret that we are very detailed driven at the Oregon Project,

so we'll look closely at all the components so that she can run better

than she ever has.


Question: What do you see as Shannon;s best event?


That's a good question.  Perhaps the 5,000m, but for some athletes, we

shouldn't always think that moving up in distance is always the way to

go.  When you look at Shannon's summer, you could make the argument

that her best race was her 4:01 1500 in Monaco. She has a good range

and we'll explore all of it from the 800m to the 5,000m over the next few years.

Come Beijing and Rio, she'll race the event where she has the highest

probability of medaling.


Question: Describe the training atmosphere now with Shannon training with US Champion Treniere Moser.


With much of our longer workouts, Jordan Hasay and Tara Erdmann are

great training partners for Treniere, but when it comes to the

specific, gritty, fast middle distance stuff, Treniere will benefit

from having Shannon around to share chores with during workouts.  They

will both become faster and stronger for it.  We strongly believe that

two great athletes can push each other in a healthy way so that both

can achieve amazing things. Galen and Mo are an example of that.