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Galen Rupp in Moscow

Posted on August 14 2013

You just finished 4th place in the World Championships.  How do you feel about your performance in the 10K?


I was disappointed as my goal coming into these championships was to medal, but I thought that I ran a good race and put myself in a position to do something special with a lap to go.  I thought that I ran aggressive, and I did everything that I could to give myself a chance to be successful.  I just did not have enough at the finish.  But I did just about everything I could and you can never be too disappointed when you do that in a race.  At this point though, my entire focus is on the 5,000m.  At a meet like this you have to have a short memory, put your previous race behind you, and just focus on what is to come.  I am excited to run the 5,000m!!


Two years ago it would be a stretch for an American in the 10K to dream of finishing 4th place at a major championship. What are your expectations of yourself at this point in your career?


The Nike Oregon Project is ultimately about getting medals at major championships, and that has always been my goal since I joined the group in 2009.  All of the training that I have done has been with that long term goal in mind.  I believe that I am amongst the best in the world and can compete for the win in any race that I run.  


This morning you ran a prelim and qualified for the 5K finals on Friday.  How did your body feel recovering from the 10K?


I came off of the 10k very well.  We have an excellent support staff here at the Nike Oregon Project and they do an outstanding job of making sure all of the athletes have everything they need and do a great job of ensuring we recover as best we can heading into our next race.  I feel much better now than I did coming back from the 10,000 meter races after both Daegu and London, which I think is a testament to the support staff, as well as my strength and the training that I have been able to do over the past year.  All have made a major difference in my ability to double back.  


What are your expectations heading into the 5K final on Friday Evening?


It can be easy to get too focused on outcomes, but I want to make sure that I stay as relaxed as possible during the early stages of the race and then be in a position to compete for the victory at finish.  It is going to be very tough as there is a lot of great competition, but I am up for the challenge and excited for the opportunity!!



Are you able to enjoy watching the World Champs? Any events you have your eye on?


I have been watching the World Champs on tv in my hotel room.  It is great to see track and field have such great coverage on television!! I always enjoy watching my fellow Oregon Project teammates run.  Jordan ran well in the 10,000, and now we have Matthew coming up in the 1500.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do!!