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Treniere Moser Out for Worlds

Posted on August 08 2013

1: Tell us about the injury that forced you out of Worlds? Can you tell us what we are looking at in your MRI below?

In a nutshell, I partially ruptured one of my hamstring tendons.  I have a vertical tear through the muscle belly of my left hamstring.


2: When did the injury occur?

We think the initial injury occurred about 3 weeks ago in the Monaco Diamond League.  I knew something wasn't right but I thought I could get over it, then the London Diamond League 10 days later led to the rupture.  I just got the MRI this past week which confirmed the extent of the injury.  


3: Did you think you had the potential to get healthy in time for Worlds?

I really thought I could get healthy for Worlds.  I had no idea of the severity of the injury until I had an MRI done.  As much as I wanted to race, the best sports doctor in Europe strongly advised me not to run Worlds. Only recently did it become certain that If I tried to race I would risk further injury or permanent damage. At that point it was a matter of letting USATF know right away so they could get the next girl to take my place.


4: You are in Moscow now.  Why did you come all this way?  

It was very important to me to still come and support my OPJT training partners.  And the entire staff of the OPJT is here, so I am also able to continue my treatment.  


5: Obviously this must be hard for you but how are you taking all of this?

Honestly, It's been very hard.  I was absolutely devastated by the news.  I had trained incredibly hard for the last year to compete for this one week in Moscow and to give up my spot was very difficult to do, especially since there is no World Outdoor team to make next year.   However, I have great coaches who have been positive and are helping me do everything I can to get healthy.  I have been responding well to my treatment so I am hoping to be healthy enough to run a fall road race.  But yes, it's very hard being around Team USA again, going through all the formalities of being at a Championship event, but not being able to compete.  I have missed this environment.


6. You had an amazing year becoming the 1500 US Champion again after 4 years off the podium.  Can you take the positives from this season and move forward?

Yes most definitely.  I'm very proud of what I've accomplished this year and I know there is more there.  I haven't even been with Alberto for a full year yet so I'm excited to have a year of quality training and racing under my belt that will carry me into 2014. 


7: What's next for you? 

My goal right now is just to get healthy.  Alberto and I were both relieved to hear I am at least able to do training runs, but unfortunately no workouts. Although I will miss Worlds I will basically have little layoff from staying active.   I can't do anything of intensity like racing, sprinting or even tempo runs for at least a month, but I can get in mileage.   So I'm hoping to be maintain a certain amount of fitness so I can run at the end of September in a road race.  Then I will take a small break and gear up for the next year.   If all goes as planned, I would to try to stay on the same schedule as Jordan and Tara so we can all start our winter training around the same time.