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Catching Up With Dathan Ritzenhein

Posted on August 02 2013

1.    Your thoughts on this past year?

2013 has been a great year for me. 2012 was really just putting the pieces back together after having multiple surgeries in 2011. Being able to go out and race and feel fit and healthy has been great. I started slowly in XC and some road racing but I really have had a great track season, even racing a couple 3k's which is the shortest distances I have run in six years!


2.    How has training been going?

Training has been much better than last year. I feel so much stronger with two healthy years of training under my belt. Also in the weight room I have been able to lift a lot more and progress to another level. Healthy training is so important and I feel like I have finally found the recipe that works for me. 


3.    Expectations heading into Moscow?

Competing well at the World Championships in Moscow is the second most important goal of the year for me behind the Chicago Marathon. Qualifying was a huge weight off my shoulders so I have been able to train very hard for the last six weeks and I am ready. I hope the pace will be fast as that will suit my strengths and hopefully lead me to a great finish. I still want to break 27 minutes for the 10,000m and if the weather is good and the pace is fast this will be a great chance for me to just get out there and compete. 


4.    Thoughts on St Moritz?

St. Moritz is the best training location in the world. Endless trails, both flat and hilly, the most beautiful track in the world, and great weather. I always train well here and it gives me just the right amount of altitude and great environment for a training camp. Being able to arrive early and get use to the time change while still training at altitude makes St. Moritz the perfect training base in Europe.


5.    Plans for the rest of the year?

After Moscow I am getting right back to work. Performing well at the Chicago Marathon is the my biggest goal this year.  I am transitioning into a full time marathoner right now and I want to carry the momentum from my 2:07:47 last year into this years race. It was a huge breakthrough for me and I want to get out there and be more competitive and run faster than I did in 2012. It will take 9 weeks of hard specific training but I am already in great shape so I just need that marathon specific training and a few weeks of big volume.