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Catching Up with Jordan Hasay

Posted on August 01 2013

Jordan joined the Oregon Project in June after a great career at the University of Oregon.  She fell right into the swing of things and placed 2nd at the USA Championships punching her ticket to Moscow for the World Championships.  We caught up with her in St Moritz at the team training camp.


1.    How has training been going?

Training has been going really well. Between training in Park City, Des Moines, Moving to Portland and now training camp in St Moritz it has been a hectic 6 weeks but I have got in some great training and feel like I’m in great shape. We just had one final hard workout in Italy yesterday which went well for everyone and now I think we are all looking forward to tapering and getting to Moscow.


2.    Thoughts on St Moritz?

It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The mountains, lake, and trees are unbelievable.  It seems as though the town is built for running with all the trails and the track at the center.  I could definitely get used to training here!


3.    Talk about your transition into the Oregon Project? Any challenges? Surprises?

It's been a great fit. Everything happened really quickly but it's been an exciting several weeks.  7 Weeks ago I was wearing the U of O singlet and next week I will be putting on the USA singlet in my first Senior World Championships.  Although I'm excited for the end of this season so I can get some rest, I'm looking forward to the future and getting back to Portland and having a full season with the team.  


4.    How do you feel training with Medalists and the best runners in the world?

It's truly an honor. I try not to let it become ordinary and try to get excited about it each's almost hard to do as Mo and Galen are just such down to earth's just a really neat environment.  You know you can’t take days off because they set an example of what it takes to succeed at the highest level. 


5.    Thoughts/Expectations heading into Moscow?

This time it's just all about experience for me. It's all upside and I'd just like to run the best race I can run, to compete and hopefully that will result in a fast time and a high finish.  I will worry about medaling further down the line but this will be a great experience for me to build on when that day comes.


6.    Plans for rest of the year?

After Moscow I'll head right back to altitude in St. Mortiz before racing in Stockholm on the 22nd (3k) and Zurich (5km) on the 30th. Those will be my last two races then I'll head back home to Portland.