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Mary Cain joins the Oregon Project

Posted on November 20 2013


1: What is your best memory of this past summer in Europe?

MARY: Getting to compete in the World Championships was my best memory from this summer! I got to accomplish a huge dream of mine and had a blast doing it. Everyone on team USA was extremely supportive and it was fun to watch and cheer on my teammates from team USA and the OP!

Picture: Mary relaxing with Alberto before the 1500 Meter final in Moscow

2: You are still in High School in NY, how often will you be able to train with the Oregon Project?

MARY: I am honestly not too sure yet! Hopefully I will get to visit the group a little more than I did last year, but not too much, since I do need to graduate from HS! 


3: Now that you have your first job are you going to upgrade your 1980's flip phone? Anything else you have your eye on?

MARY: Yes! I am super excited to be finally getting an iPhone; it should actually be here tomorrow! I will miss my good friend (or my Razzle), but it was time to make the switch into the 21st century. Since I’ve been rather deprived of these new technologies, though, I’m still rather confused by the idea of taking unflattering pictures of yourself for SnapChat. I’m sure I will catch on sooner or later, but right now I guess I’m just too much of a curmudgeon. It will be also nice to get Viber or Whatsapp so that I have the ability to communicate with people while in Europe! Otherwise, I don’t have my eye on anything else. 


4: Besides being able to wear the OP skull for the first time what are you most looking forward to now that you are an official member of the OP?

MARY: Minus finally getting to wear the uniform, I am excited to be able to officially call the other OP members my teammates! 


5: Next Fall you will enroll in college while training with the OP.  What studies are you interested in?

MARY: I typically consider myself a math/science type of person. Therefore, I could see myself majoring in something like Chemistry. That being said, this year I am taking AP Literature and AP Economics, so now I am considering some sort of business major! 


6: When can we expect an official Mary Cain twitter account?

MARY: Maybe sometime later this century! 


Alberto and Pete on Mary Cain


1: Did you advise Mary as she went through the decision making process of whether to turn pro?

This was a decision that Mary and her family made on their own.  From our end, it was just about reinforcing to Mary that there was no wrong decision to make and that we were fully behind her no matter what she chose to do.  She is not only extraordinarily talented, but she works tremendously hard, is highly coachable and has a great head on her shoulders.  With these qualities, she was (and is) going to have success whether that was to be in the collegiate arena or in the purely professional arena she has chosen. 


2: Mary finished 10th place at the World Champs this last summer.  Did that surprise you that she was able to do well?

Mary was consistently doing world class training throughout the Spring and Summer, so we knew she was going to run great at the World Championships.  


3: What is the plan for Mary this year while she is finishing HS?

Probably close to the same plan that most high school runners have all across the country, and that’s to be faster than last year all the while making sure she gets her homework turned in on time.  She’ll do a handful of indoor races and a few select outdoor races during the school year.  For now, however, she has an added component to her life that most professional athletes do not, and that’s finishing up high school.  We get that.

Picture: Alberto and Mary with their Awards in Monaco (IAAF Coach of the Year and IAAF Newcomer of the Year)